Begin your transformation to a healthy lifestyle

Changing your lifestyle towards healthier and more balanced choices is a gradual and not immediate transition.

Going from 0 to 100 towards a lifestyle that at least initially doesn't belong to us will lead to nothing, what matters is taking small steps little by little.
It's not the quantity but the constancy that makes the difference!


A healthy lifestyle includes eating in a healthy and balanced way, exercising, taking care of yourself with adequate rest, cultivating your passions and managing stressful situations effectively.

But why is it so difficult to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

  • We often feel pressured to do everything right right away and it makes us feel overwhelmed. "From Monday I start the diet", sound familiar? Well, this phrase often remains just an idea that will never see the light of day. The fear of changing everything suddenly blocks us, but if we knew how to start with small steps, we would be less afraid and start making the change.
  • With such busy lives, it's easy to lose sight of what we really need, without listening to our body and mind. Sometimes, the mind convinces us that we can't change anything in our daily routine, but just by trying, we will realize that it is possible! Let's start taking care of ourselves with small steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Girl drinks a smoothie in a sports suit


The first step to a healthy lifestyle is understanding where you're starting from and where you'd like to go. What habits do you want to change? Start with a small goal and integrate it into your routine.

Instead of turning everything upside down in one fell swoop, make small, gradual changes. Instead of skipping breakfast, have a serving of fruit or a bowl of nutritious yogurt. Instead of working out for hours at the gym, take a half-hour walk every day. And instead of giving up on pleasures, go for healthier versions, like a hot chocolate made with almond milk.

Bowl with Chocolate Lover Granola and Spilled Milk

Once the first change becomes a habit, everything will be easier!
You will feel motivated to continue with other small steps. Choosing a healthier lifestyle doesn't mean giving up pleasures, but choosing one healthier habit over another. It is a choice you make for your well-being and happiness.

We all agree that a balanced lifestyle is important, but sometimes it's hard to fit healthy habits into our daily routine. Here are 5 tips to help you achieve the serenity and well-being you deserve:

  1. Find your motivation: it doesn't matter if it's a desire to get better, get rid of stress or improve your self-esteem, as long as it works for you and inspires you to take action every day.
  2. Respect your body: don't overdo requests, for example if you decide to wake up earlier, make sure you get enough sleep to allow your body to rest. If you decide to exercise more, do it gradually to avoid putting stress on your body.
    Girl does yoga in black sports suit on green mat with dog nearby
  3. Don't put it off: don't waste precious opportunities with "I'll do it later". Create a routine and stick to your schedule on a regular basis, it will soon become a habit.
  4. Anticipate what's important: If work and daily commitments prevent you from doing what you enjoy, such as exercising or dedicating yourself to a personal project, try to do it early in the morning, before going to work. In this way you will start the day on the right foot and you will be able to give the best of you!"


Some small healthy habits that you can integrate into your routine:

  1. Start the day with a breakfast you love, like a yogurt with Chocolate Lover Granola , avocado toast or Femme Fatale , or a smoothie with Original Granola
    Yogurt bowl with chocolate lover granola, raspberries, bananas, with gold spoon and kitchen cloth
  2. Refresh your body with a cold shower, which helps reduce stress and improve circulation.
  3. Make your bed every morning, it will help you keep a positive attitude during the day.
  4. Keep your body hydrated by drinking about 2 liters of water a day, often and in small quantities.
  5. Get moving, choose your favorite workout, and try to devote at least 30 minutes a day to physical activity, such as walking, cycling or pilates.
  6. Spend time with the people you love, friends, family or boyfriend/girlfriend
    4 girls have breakfast in the open air
  7. Take a moment to relax, listen to music, dance, sing or do what helps you relax your body and mind through yoga .
  8. Get a good night's rest, 7-8 hours of adequate sleep will help maintain a strong immune system and improve memory and concentration.

Start your transformation to a healthier lifestyle with these simple habits. You will see that after the first steps everything will become easier and more natural. Remember that you don't have to rush things, the change to a healthy lifestyle is a long-term journey that must be approached with kindness to yourself. But eventually, it will become your new daily routine!

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