Vegan snacks: ideas for healthy, vegan snacks

In recent years there has been an increase in popularity of the vegan diet , as more and more people have become aware of the impact that food has on our bodies and the environment. A vegan-friendly product must in fact exclude ingredients of animal origin such as meat, dairy products and eggs, reducing the carbon footprint associated with livestock farming, to conserve water and land resources. It is often believed that vegan products do not taste good, however, many food companies have started to design products in line with the requests and needs of those who follow a vegan diet, to guarantee health benefits combined with a delicious taste .

Good and healthy vegan snacks

The choice to select vegan snacks is also due to their nutritional intake, plant-based foods are in fact rich in essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, which contribute to a balanced and healthy diet.

Which snack can I choose?
Unlike what you might think, vegan nutrition offers a great variety of products and recipes : from savory to sweet, crunchy to soft. First of all, you can create a division between the snacks that you can prepare comfortably (and easily) from your own kitchen and those that you have to buy instead.

The must-have vegan products in your shopping cart
So let's start with the products that can be purchased:

  • Protein bars , are you passionate about fitness and looking for a snack for your workouts, or do you simply want an energy boost? With Clemi's Market bars you are in the right place! We offer three flavors to please everyone and offer a healthy and vegan alternative: Pick me up with cashews & coconut, You are nuts with peanuts & cocoa, Protein fuel with almonds & cocoa;
  • Wholemeal biscuits , for the greediest palates there are vegan biscuits that replace eggs with other ingredients such as mashed bananas, honey sauce, flax seeds or chia seeds. Crunchy and delicious, we recommend Alce Nero's wholemeal biscuits or Misura's chocolate chip biscuits (without milk and eggs);
  • Skinny dipped , our dark chocolate covered almonds are 100% organic and can be enjoyed (and loved) by everyone for a delicious little snack;
  • Protein balls , small bites of energy to eat in one bite , whether you are passionate about chocolate, coconut or dried fruit, there are many delicious alternatives on the market, such as Bulk protein balls.
Vegan snacks ideal as snacks
Must-cook vegan products
Who said vegans don't have fun in the kitchen? There are lots of delicious, healthy and vegan recipes you can experiment with, here are our favourites:
  • Chocolate covered blueberries, super easy and quick recipe that only needs three ingredients: blueberries, dark chocolate and salt. Every bite is a delight for the palate!
  • Dates stuffed with almond butter , dates are recognized for being rich in fiber and antioxidants, so this little snack is not only healthy but also delicious! All you need to do is pit the dates and add a spoonful of butter, then decorate as you like, here's what we recommend .
  • Coco almond chocolate balls, the "homemade" version of protein balls, require a little more preparation time but we guarantee complete satisfaction! In fact, pay attention: one leads to another!
  • Granola cookie dough bites, small bites of pleasure rich in healthy nutrients, for this recipe you will need a good granola, we recommend the Clemi's Market bestseller!
Dates stuffed with almond butter
These examples are just a taste of the endless possibilities when it comes to vegan snacks. Indeed, the vegan movement has inspired a wave of creativity and innovation in the food industry, with a wide range of appealing and delicious options for any palate. Whether you're committed to a vegan lifestyle or are simply looking to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet, vegan snacks are the first step towards healthier eating!