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Homemade, healthy and delicious.

Berries smoothie bowl


At Clemi’s Market we have carefully chosen to create a plant-based Granola that is good for your body, and for your soul.

Full of healthy nutrients, packed with delicious flavours and with no added-sugars.  We strongly believe in the importance of a balanced natural diet, that should be delicious too.

I hope that our Granola will bring you happiness, energy and that it will become the best kickstart to your day.

Clemi's Market packaging containing her Granola


I want to inspire you and make you discover some of my favourite healthy recipes.

I have been strongly influenced by my travels and my life experiences while living abroad. Throughout the years I’ve discovered unique ways to combine all the nutrients needed to maintain a balanced diet, whilst making it taste amazing.

My favourite thing is to turn unhealthy dishes into super healthy and delicious ones.

ingredients to make a special granola bowl


Hey you, my name is Clementina, like the fruit. I am half Italian and half French. I grew up in Italy but I had the chance to travel and live abroad for many years.

My passion for cooking comes from my travels, but most importantly from the fact that I have a sensitive gut, which led me to find ways to prepare dishes that made me feel good but that also tasted good.

My products and recipes come from years of developing the best combination of high-quality natural ingredients, that support and nourish every tummy.

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My values

Handmade with love
Balanced diet
Environmentally conscious
No added sugars
Handmade with love
Balanced diet
Environmentally conscious
No added sugars

the community

Vittoria's bowl with Clemi's Granola

"I've always had an unbridled passion for cooking and healthy eating. I've been to so many supermarkets and I must admit I've never tasted such good granola.  Not to mention the unmistakable smell of oats and toasted almonds. It's a great mix of fibres and proteins.  This granola is perfect for giving you the right energy. What can I say, simply healthy and divine."

Vittoria, Rome Italy
Luca's bowl with Clemi's Granola

"Super crunchy granola with loads of taste... cinnamon, dried fruit, nuts. Perfect mix for a morning bowl."

Luca, Geneva Switzerland
Angelica's bowl with Clemi's Granola

"I've been looking for the perfect breakfast for years... it's not easy to find the balance between healthy and delicious meals. Then FINALLY Clemi arrived with her Market, and since then I enjoy mixing and creating with her fabulous recipes and her light granola to the right point!  The Kick start to my days and every now and then some snacks as well"

Angelica, Rome Italy
Federico's bowl with Clemi's Granola

"Amazing product, especially combined with yogurt. Taste is fantastic, natural and without sugar. I will order it again in the future - for sure!"

Federico, Rome Italy
Alessandra's bowl with Clemi's Granola

"Finally a granola without additional sugars, tasty, and balanced in its mix of flavours with the right roasting that makes it pleasantly crunchy."

Alessandra, Rome Italy

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