Yogurt is increasingly used at breakfast as an alternative to milk, for a quick and balanced breakfast. It is a food often present in slimming diets thanks to its low calorie content and its ability to fill you up. Let's discover its benefits, the types of yogurt that exist and how to use it.

First of all, it is very important not to skip breakfast , because it is the meal that determines the energy of the day, skipping breakfast causes exhaustion and stress, nervous hunger, not to mention that our body does not have the necessary nutrients to start off with energy.


Bowl with yogurt and raspberries

Yogurt is ideal in the morning, when we are always in a hurry, for a quick breakfast, just a few minutes, healthy and balanced , thanks to the right amount of nutrients .

It has become a must for a healthy diet and lifestyle because it is rich in properties and brings numerous benefits to the body.

Yogurt is a milk derivative and is rich in calcium and live lactic ferments. It is considered an ideal food in slimming diets because, being low in fat, it can promote weight loss .

You can find different types of yogurt:

  • Classic yogurt;
  • Light yogurt;
  • Natural yogurt: always choosing the natural version of yogurt without added sugar is good advice for those following a diet.
  • Greek Yogurt: Greek yogurt has less sugar and more protein than regular plain yogurt, making it a great choice for those on a diet.
  • Yogurt with fruit pieces;
  • Vegetable yogurt: soy, almond etc.

Yogurts on the market can be creamy or fluid, dietary or for specific needs, there is a version for every need and taste. Although the nutritional properties remain mostly the same for any type, we always recommend reading the labels and checking the nutritional values .


Bowl with Greek yogurt

Among the various types of yogurt, the one richest in properties is Greek yogurt.
Greek yogurt differs from traditional yogurt because it is filtered more in order to reduce the quantity of whey, thus it has a more compact consistency and a lower sugar and sodium content than classic yogurt.

Especially in the low-fat version, Greek yogurt has little sugar and little fat, making it perfect for a healthy diet and for eating on a diet.

Greek yogurt is an excellent ally for breakfast because it is healthy, light, nutritious and versatile. It contains most of the nutrients our body needs in the morning ( carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats and mineral salts). It is high in protein, making it an ideal food for those who train.

The only nutrient it doesn't provide is fibre , which is why if combined with cereals, such as granola , rich in fibre, it becomes an ideal combo for a healthy, balanced and energetic breakfast.

Greek yogurt is suitable for everyone: children, the elderly and those who carry out physical activity because, thanks to the presence of calcium, it is able to strengthen and regenerate the bones and muscles of our body.


Bowl with yogurt, chocolate lover granola and raspberries

Eating Greek yogurt for breakfast:

  • purifies and strengthens the body
  • promotes intestinal transit thanks to the presence of probiotics, or lactic ferments, which support the balance of the intestinal flora and facilitate the absorption of vitamins and minerals into the body
  • it is easily digestible because, unlike traditional yogurt, it contains few carbohydrates
  • strengthens immune defenses
  • it does not cause a glycemic spike , unlike the Italian breakfast with cappuccino and croissant , rich in non-digestible complex sugars which lead to a glycemic spike,
  • reduces abdominal swelling
  • prevents osteoporosis and strengthens bones , thanks to the high levels of calcium
  • it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and lowers blood cholesterol levels
  • increases the feeling of satiety : it is a very satiating food because it contains the amino acid leucine , which increases the feeling of satiety and decreases the need for constant snacking, which makes this type of yogurt suitable for weight loss diets
  • provides a significant quantity of proteins
  • provides a good dose of energy .

How to pair yogurt

Yogurt for breakfast must be integrated with other foods to have the right dose of nutrients that the body needs in the morning, thus creating a balanced and balanced breakfast. Fresh, nutritious but above all very versatile, it can be used in many ways and combinations. Here are some suggestions on how to combine Greek yogurt for a healthy and, at the same time, tasty breakfast:
  • With fruit
  • With granola
  • In smoothies , overnight oats and chocolate parfaits

    Bowl with overnight oat with snicker on kitchen cloth
  • As an ingredient for healthy cheesecake
  • As a topping on porridge or pancakes : by adding ingredients such as chia seeds or oat flakes it is possible to create always different breakfasts, also combining fresh fruit or a note of chocolate.
    Plate with porridge, yogurt, jam and peanut cream
  • As ingredients for baked desserts such as cakes, donuts and plum cakes instead of eggs
  • It can also be used in savory preparations
  • As a snack: yogurt parfait bars

Together with the optimal Greek yogurt, combine fruit or whole grains to obtain the right dose of fibre, proteins and healthy fats.

How to prepare a healthy and balanced breakfast with yogurt

A healthy, balanced and easy to make breakfast can simply contain yogurt (your favourite, but we advise you to carefully look at the amount of sugar present), granola, for example Original Granola , fruit and peanut butter, such as Protein Power , peanut cream and cinnamon.

Bowl with yogurt, peanut and cinnamon cream, berries and original granola
This simple and quick breakfast to make is a real concentrate of health and well-being because it contains:

  • proteins from yogurt, oats and sunflower and pumpkin seeds (present in granola), and peanut cream
  • carbohydrates from fruit and yogurt;
  • the fibers of granola and fruit;
  • mineral salts and vitamins (A, B6, B12 and C) from sunflower and pumpkin seeds and fruit
  • the good fats of the spread, and of almonds, pecans and coconut (present in granola) and peanut cream

Top it all off with a freshly squeezed orange juice or a cup of milk (even better if vegetable). There are many ways in which you can eat yogurt, a simple food that brings many benefits to the body. It should be included in everyone's diet because it is rich in properties and perfect for every need.