Breakfast during the summer is not just a meal to start the day in the best possible way, it is an opportunity to fuel your body and reap the greatest benefits. As the temperature rises and the days get longer, a balanced breakfast becomes even more important to keep the body hydrated and have the right energy despite the heat.


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Breakfast in summer is important that it is light, healthy and balanced with all the necessary nutrients. A good breakfast during the summer offers numerous benefits for overall well-being. Here are the reasons why breakfast in summer is beneficial for your overall well-being:

Provides the necessary energy

First and foremost, breakfast provides the energy you need to start your day. During the summer, when the heat can be exhausting, a nutritious breakfast fuels your body and replenishes energy reserves that may have been depleted overnight. It helps you stay active and focused throughout the day, making it easier to participate in outdoor activities and enjoy the sunshine.

Adequate hydration

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Secondly, a healthy breakfast in summer guarantees adequate hydration, especially to restore balance in periods when you sweat a lot. Including foods with high water content, such as fruit, yogurt and smoothies, keeps you hydrated and helps maintain balanced electrolyte levels. This is especially important during the hot summer months, when the risk of dehydration is highest.

Essential nutrients

Additionally, breakfast is an opportunity to get essential nutrients . Fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains and protein-rich foods like eggs or lean meats can be included in your summer breakfast. Make sure your breakfast is light but nutrient-rich and balanced. These nutritious options provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that support the immune system and body in summer, stimulate metabolism and also contribute to healthy skin and hair.

It controls your appetite and keeps you fit

Additionally, a balanced breakfast can help control appetite, stimulating the intestines and helping to manage weight. By eating a balanced meal in the morning, you reduce the risk of unhealthy food choices and excessive snacking later in the day. This is especially true in summer, when simple activities require more energy, which is therefore consumed more quickly and you feel hungry again after a few hours.

General health

A nutritious and balanced breakfast in summer is able to improve the general health of the body, helping it to carry out daily actions thanks to the right energy. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, protects the heart and regulates blood sugar levels. Furthermore, on a mental level, breakfast increases concentration and provides energy to the brain especially in hot and tiring periods.

Wellbeing and happiness

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Finally, breakfast is a time for family and social connection. During the summer months, when schedules tend to be more relaxed, enjoying breakfast together can create moments of togetherness and communication. It sets a positive tone for the day and promotes a sense of well-being and happiness.


During the summer, there are different types of breakfast that can be enjoyed, each with its unique properties, obviously we recommend fresh alternatives to combat the heat of the season. Here are some examples:

  1. Yogurt with cereals and fresh fruit : A good summer breakfast is based on yogurt , with cereals, for example granola , perfect for a diet , and fresh fruit such as strawberries, peaches, apricots. It is a light, nutritious option and contains all the essential nutrients, from proteins, fiber to vitamins and minerals. This breakfast is also rich in antioxidants. Furthermore, fruit is a food rich in water, hydrates the body and provides natural energy.
    Bowl with raspberry yogurt and chocolate lover granola
    The Chocolate Lover Granola and the Original Granola are perfect to consume in summer because they do not contain refined sugars. What is important is to have a breakfast without refined sugars , which instead weigh you down and do not fill you up, but to opt for natural breakfasts, which contain only natural sweeteners . They also contain all the nutrients necessary for a balanced, healthy and delicious meal. They are perfect in summer because they can be used in so many different combinations.
    The parfait is also an excellent solution as a summer breakfast.

  2. Smoothie : Smoothies are a perfect choice for hot summer mornings. They can be prepared with a variety of ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, yogurt and non-dairy milk. They are a source of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants, as well as being refreshing and easy to consume. Try this smoothie with antioxidant function
    Bowl with berry smoothie, original granola, blueberries and peanut butter

  3. Savory breakfast : a savory breakfast can be a good choice in summer to have the right amount of proteins and good fats. An example is eggs . They are an excellent source of protein and can be prepared in many different ways, such as scrambled eggs, boiled eggs or in omelettes. They are rich in essential nutrients such as B vitamins and vitamin D. Another option is avocado toast , to which you can add salmon of your choice. A breakfast rich in proteins and good fats, carbohydrates due to the bread. Provides the right nutrients without weighing you down.
    Plate with avocado toast, cottage cheese
  4. Light version pancakes or waffles : If you want a more substantial and fun breakfast, you can opt for light version pancakes or waffles. By using whole grain or whole grain flours, like oat flour, and adding fresh fruit as a topping, you'll get a combination of complex carbohydrates, fiber and nutrients. Add egg whites for a higher protein breakfast. We offer you these healthy coconut and raspberry pancakes
    Pancakes on white plate with yogurt, raspberry jam and granola
  5. Overnight porridge : overnight oat is a delicious alternative in summer because it is a fresh, light and nutritious breakfast. Oats are rich in nutrients that are important for having the right energy in the morning. It only takes a few minutes to prepare it the night before and in the morning you will have a delicious and healthy breakfast ready to be eaten. We offer you a Biscoff flavored overnight oat , and an overnight porridge with berries , they are two healthy, protein-rich and delicious breakfasts.
    Biscoff overnight oat with gold spoon
  6. Chia Pudding : Chia pudding is another great choice for a fresh and nutritious summer breakfast. We offer you this creamy and delicious strawberry chia pudding
    Strawberry chia pudding on white bowl with pecans and Chocolate Lover Granola

Regardless of your choice, breakfast in summer should be light, hydrating and nutritious. Be sure to include fresh, seasonal ingredients, avoiding heavy foods that can burden digestion. Take advantage of the benefits of these options to start your summer day with energy and vitality. Starting the day with a balanced breakfast sets the stage for a healthy and enjoyable summer season.

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