Have you ever wondered what are the best cereals to eat?

Do you eat cereals but don't know their benefits? Now we will explain why they should be eaten and which cereals are most suitable for a healthy diet and which should be included in the diet. Cereals are the pillar of a healthy diet based on the right amount of nutrients.

Grains are an important source of energy , mental and physical.

The data released by the LARN indicate that most of the calories to be taken in a healthy diet (from 45% to 60% of the daily caloric intake) should be carbohydrates and in particular starch, because it provides slow release energy during the day .

In addition to starch, cereals contain fibres, proteins and mineral salts , in different quantities according to the cereal.

Additionally, you can choose between whole grains and refined grains. Whole grains are especially recommended for those with cholesterol or constipation problems, refined grains are recommended for those with digestive problems. Depending on the cereal, they can be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

There are cereals, which are used daily, which have numerous benefits and properties:


Bag with rice, wooden spoon and jar with sugar and a silver spoon

Of all the cereals used for food, rice is the most eaten cereal. 
It is versatile and also suitable for those suffering from celiac disease.

Change the nutritional values ​​according to the type of rice: white rice is practically devoid of fiber and, during refining, it also loses most of its proteins and fats; brown rice has many properties, it is rich in fiber and protein, antioxidants, magnesium, phosphorus and B vitamins.

  • It has a very low calorie intake
  • It has a very high satiating power
  • Promotes intestinal well-being and regularity
  • It has a draining action on the body

However, those who have problems with the consumption of foods rich in fiber should moderate their consumption following the indications of the nutritionist.


Plate with oats

Oats are perfect as an energy food for all ages. It has many benefits, including:

  • Increases the feeling of satiety because it absorbs water and swells in the stomach
  • Provides the body with long-term energy thanks to its slow-release carbohydrate content.

Oats are the main ingredient of our healthy, sugar-free granolas: the Original Granola for true oat lovers looking for an authentic taste; the Chocolate Lover Granola for chocolate lovers, oats mix with the flavor of dark chocolate and coconut. Perfect for breakfast to provide the right energy and the right amount of nutrients!


Zoomed wheat

It is the most consumed cereal in Italy , but it is also the most cultivated in the world together with rice. It is used ground, it contains gluten, a protein substance that makes ground wheat ideal for making bread, pasta and bakery products in general.
There are two types of wheat on the market:

  • soft wheat . Used to form bread and other baked goods.
  • durum wheat . Used for the production of pasta. Whole durum wheat has excellent nutritional properties: a source of protein, fiber and potassium.


Zoomed barley

The consumption of barley in Italy is growing rapidly. There are three different types:

  • wholemeal barley : it has a dark colour, a stronger flavor and is the most complete from a nutritional point of view
  • hulled barley : it is a little quicker to cook but still has a good content of fibre, mineral salts and vitamins
  • pearl barley : it has a light color that comes from the refining process, in which it loses most of its properties.

The barley:

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties
  • It is the ideal food in particular for children , because it contains a lot of magnesium and silicon, elements which effectively stimulate growth.
  • Stimulates the lazy bowel and promotes bowel regularity.
  • Recommended for breastfeeding : it favors the production of milk


Corn cobs

In Italy, both corn flour is used to prepare polenta and baked goods based on this cereal, and canned sweet corn.

  • It is gluten free
  • It contains yellow pigments essential for a protective action against the aging of the retina .
  • Rich in iron and minerals, corn is useful in case of anemia.
  • It is a source of folic acid and vitamins B1 and is suitable for pregnant women and children from early childhood onwards
  • Helps keep LDL (bad) cholesterol levels low
  • It is suitable for diabetics because it regulates the absorption of sugars
  • Helps to lose weight : it can be used in place of foods containing too much yeast and with much more fat.


Buckwheat zoomed

Buckwheat is a pseudocereal: from a botanical point of view it is not considered a cereal but has the same characteristics.

  • It is gluten free
  • Rich in antioxidants : protects the body from diseases
  • Rich in protein: it is ideal for vegans and vegetarians
  • It has a low glycemic index : perfect for diabetics
  • It has antiplatelet properties that make the blood more fluid, preventing diseases such as heart attack and stroke.
  • It is a natural energizer : perfect for those who practice sports and for those suffering from states of fatigue
  • Satiating : buckwheat is perfect to include in the diet of those who want to lose weight

These cereals are the most suitable in terms of a healthy diet that aims to lose weight. Given the countless benefits and properties, these types of cereals should be included in your daily diet. I'm a panacea for your health!

Also remember that the best cereals are made only with wholesome ingredients so be careful when buying foods with these cereals and read the labels .